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Dissatisfied with the state of online cartography, I made good on a 2010 New Year’s resolution to start writing online and published 131 posts over sixteen months.

The posts below received the largest response:



01.24  Highway Shield Comparison
01.25  A Style Guide for Online Maps
02.10  Google Maps’s Changing Cities
02.20  The Most Important Cities in the U.S.
03.11  Highway Shield Overkill
03.20  Which Highway is Which?
04.13  Where’s New York City?
04.28  Comparing Google, Bing, & Yahoo Maps
05.30  Rethinking Google’s Default U.S. Map
06.06  Too Many Cities on Bing Maps
06.16  Google’s Terrain Maps
07.16  Sloppiness
07.18  An Open Letter to Rand McNally
08.03  Bing Maps’s Redesign
08.04  Improving Bing’s New Maps I
08.05  Improving Bing’s New Maps II
08.07  More on Bing Maps’s Redesign
08.10  Improving Bing’s New Maps III
08.14  One More Post about Bing’s New Maps
09.01  How Google Selects Its POI Labels
09.12  Basemaps: One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work
09.16  Comparing Google, Bing, & Yahoo Maps II
10.04  Google Maps’s Logo Icons: A Good Idea?
10.08  Styled Maps Using Google Maps API 3
10.09  Example Styles Using Google Maps API 3
10.14  A Critique of OpenStreetMap I
10.19  A Critique of OpenStreetMap II
11.17  On Borders & Country Labels
12.02  Google Maps & Label Readability
12.09  Google Maps & Label Readability II
12.15  Drastic Changes to Bing Maps I
12.20  Drastic Changes to Bing Maps II
12.31  Thank You



01.04  Google Doesn’t Lead You Down Dead Ends
01.06  Drastic Changes to Bing Maps II - Addendum
01.12  Drastic Changes to Bing Maps III
01.13  Google Maps & Traffic
01.18  Drastic Changes to Bing Maps IV
02.08  Google Maps & Label Readability III
03.01  Google Maps & Its City Labels
03.26  Speaking of Google Maps’s City Labels…
04.28  Streets & the Smallest Effective Difference


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