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Perfect Timing

We couldn’t have started our Comparison at a better time.

When Google rolled out its most recent changes, it overwrote its old map, leaving us no way to see what it used to look like.

But thanks to our Comparison, we have an ace in the hole: a detailed record of how the map used to look at each zoom in New York, San Francisco, and London:

We’ll use the maps from our earlier investigations to find everything Google changed.

See what I mean about our perfect timing? 😉



*   *   *

Content Changes

We were halfway through our Comparison when Google rolled out its changes. So let’s backtrack and see if Google changed anything we’ve already looked at.

So far we’ve compared the number of things on Google Maps and Apple Maps — things like Cities, Roads, and Places:

So let’s start there.

Are the same things on Google Maps as before? Or are there different things now?

And have the amounts changed?

(We won’t pay attention to how anything looks just yet; we’ll just see if the same things are on the map.)

Let’s take one of our three cities and do a quick sweep across each zoom. Since our Comparison has had more readers in San Francisco than any other city, we’ll use San Francisco:


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