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A Tour of San Francisco

📷 San Francisco | Photo by Justin O'Beirne


Let’s start with our earliest San Francisco zoom, z2:

Here at z2, the changes are subtle: the water color is slightly different now and the shadow along the coastline has been removed. But apart from those small changes, we see all the same things as before: all the same countries and oceans are labeled and all the same lines are drawn.

Let’s go to z3… 

Here again, we see all the same things as before: all the same lines and all the same labels.

Does the pattern continue on z4?

Just as we saw on z2 and z3, z4 also has all the same lines and labels as before.

In fact, if we look at the entire first half of our San Francisco zooms (z2 — z10)…

…we see the exact same things as before:

As the images show, not a single label has changed across our first nine zooms.

And it isn’t until we get to z11 that we see any change at all...


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