Apple’s New Map, Expansion #3
Southwest U.S.


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On March 22, 2019, Apple’s new map expanded to Arizona, New Mexico, and Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas’s county):

This is the third time Apple has expanded its new map since its launch in September 2018:


With this latest expansion, Apple’s new map now covers 11.9% of the U.S.’s land area...

...and 16% of its population:

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At 243,492 sq mi, this latest expansion is Apple’s largest to date:

This latest expansion is also roughly five times larger than the previous expansion, and the previous expansion was roughly five times larger than the one before:

This suggests that Apple is accelerating. And if Apple is able to continue expanding at 5x, it’ll cover the entire U.S. after just two more expansions:

* * *

On average, Apple is expanding its new map every 62 days: